Amy Schumer in Australia

For those of you who missed her only Australian show in Melbourne, here's a picture of Amy Schumer performing at the Comedy Lounge just over 2 years ago! Amy Schumer 1

I missed a few messages this week while I was on holiday, asking if we had her on at all during her mini Australian visit, alas this time we couldn't get ahold of her, her Sydney stay far too short.

I remember 2 years ago excitedly trying to spread the word when I found out she was going to drop in and, funnily enough, having to explain repeatedly (comics aside) who she was. Suffice to say she did nearly 15 minutes of what was then at least all new material, mainly on the pitfalls of being pronged by large penises and then riffing with guys in the audience about the size of their nobs. It was very funny and seeing how even more successful she has become since is really great. I gave her a glass of chardonnay and she was very nice off stage. I guess what I'm saying is that you should never miss a comedy lounge as every show features brilliant comedians who will be internet viral famous in 3 years time. GUAREENTEED. Keep informed via facebook or email us with any questions x