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No break over Xmas 2016 and January 2017

Boxing Day Tickets button above! Just $10 to reserve your space! Come if you are in town! Shows all through January too, no break $10 payable on door for those! Email bookings@cafelounge.com.au to reserve table space!


January 2017 Line ups

January 2017 Line ups

Monday 24th October! Get Amongst the Joy!

Our first Monday gala for our 7th year here! here's a fun video of the champ MCing, Cameron Duggan! More info below...

6th Birthday show, The Return of John Conway Tonight & more!

October's Monday Shows are really looking swell. Next Monday 17th October is our 6th birthday Super gala! 12 of the best acts all doing gala spots! Not to be missed! Get in you request for a table early to bookings@cafelounge.com.au as reservable space will be limited OR GET IN EARLY AS POSSIBLE for happy Hr (5 to 7pm) :-) 

Plus the brilliant John Conway Tonight (Season 4) returned this Sunday, boy did we have fun! Come check it out 7pm every Sunday for the next 6 weeks

We often stream the show, you can watch a past episode below feat. Dr Karl from Triple J :-)

October Features looking sweet!

October Features looking sweet!

The John Conway Tonight Show filmed live each Sundays from Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills. An often silly, irreverent and hilarious tv-style talkshow with special guests and regular ccontributors Aaron Chen, Sam Campbell & Will Erimya.

Saturday Shows! 5pm 8th and 15th October just $10!

8th October - Cam Knight, Andrew Wolfe & Supports

Quite simply the biggest night of comedy in Sydney! Filmed for Comedy Channel as part of Best of the Sydney Comedy Fest. Cam  kills it in this clip. Talking about going to the races and more.

Saturday 15th October - Luke Heggie, John Cruckshank & Supports

Luke Heggie at the Melbourne Comedy Festival gala talking weddings, rich people & Kids with food allergies. Brilliant.

RSVPs for Happy Hour Saturday shows Damien Power on Sat May 7th!

On Saturday May 7th (5pm) we have a VERY special show! Twice MICF Barry award (top award in Australian comedy) nominated Damien Power (Channel 10's The Project) is doing a rare extended headline spot! He is in our view one of the best comedians in Australia at the mo'. See vid below for a taste! Entry is JUST $10! You can RSVP for free (button below!)

Eventbrite - The Comedy Lounge Happy Hour Saturday w/ Damien Power, Dave Eastgate & more


One off Show this Sunday - Sam Campbell & Aaron Chen in Feeble Minds

aaron-chen-2014-fringe-chen-out-of-chen-1024-636x393 samcampbell1

Genius cult Comedy Lounge favourites, Sam Campbell & Aaron Chen star this weekend in a trail of their up coming comedy festival show "Feeble Minds". FREE ENTRY THIS SUNDAY 7PM.

Details and RSVP at Eventbrite HERE.

The Comedy Lounge November 2015

The Month ahead is looking super strong as we steam into silly season! Keep track of news about Sunday's John Conway Tonight shows and our Monday showcases via the Facebook and Instagram pages too, Twitter also if you want to cover every possible angle! conway tonight

The Comedy Lounge November 2015

Amy Schumer in Australia

For those of you who missed her only Australian show in Melbourne, here's a picture of Amy Schumer performing at the Comedy Lounge just over 2 years ago! Amy Schumer 1

I missed a few messages this week while I was on holiday, asking if we had her on at all during her mini Australian visit, alas this time we couldn't get ahold of her, her Sydney stay far too short.

I remember 2 years ago excitedly trying to spread the word when I found out she was going to drop in and, funnily enough, having to explain repeatedly (comics aside) who she was. Suffice to say she did nearly 15 minutes of what was then at least all new material, mainly on the pitfalls of being pronged by large penises and then riffing with guys in the audience about the size of their nobs. It was very funny and seeing how even more successful she has become since is really great. I gave her a glass of chardonnay and she was very nice off stage. I guess what I'm saying is that you should never miss a comedy lounge as every show features brilliant comedians who will be internet viral famous in 3 years time. GUAREENTEED. Keep informed via facebook or email us with any questions x

22nd December Christmas gala photographs

crowd gala 2014 Our Christmas Gala was mad fun, the link below will take you to some more some excellent photographs! There is plenty of gold lined up for 2015, EVERY Monday just $10 entry. Happy Hour 5 to 7pm, show at 8PM SHARP email table enquiries to bookings@cafelounge.com.au

Christmas Gala photos

November Line ups of Joy!

Helloha! We were locked out of the internets for while but have managed to get the website back up in time to announce our November Feature acts. There is plenty of top performers in store with a heap of stellar interstate talent complementing the Sydneyites! Join the email list for news on special offers! November December comedy lounge