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Amy Schumer's (US) and Chris Martin's (UK) Visit on the 3rd June

  Amy Schumer 1


The other Monday we had the brilliant Amy Schumer (pic) from comedy central's Inside Amy drop for a 15 minute guest spot. She was FFing hilarious trialling some brilliant new gags. This month expect more overseas guests, as Sydney has a few top overseas acts passing through. Names to be confirmed.

We also had Chris Martin (below) from London Closing the show. He smashed it and was an absolute gent. Check out  his podcast, very very funny.

Chris Martin

Podcast Recomendations

Hi Comedy Loungers! This week I've been listening to a few episodes of the Comedians' Comedian podcast. Offers a really great insight into the inner workings of a comedians mind ... that make's it sound a bit sinister, but anyway. Check out the episode with Dr Brown for something a bit different. He's a silent clown who won the top awards at 2012 Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne comedy Festival.


Nick Helm Channel 4 in the UK has been filling living rooms full of televised shite since its heyday ended in the early 90s, that's why its Comedy Blaps web series is a nice surprise. Peep Show besides I can't think of a decent thing they've produced since The Tube ended in in nineteen eighty whatever (admittedly I have put no thought whatsoever into this sweeping statement!) but there is some funny bollocks in here for sure.

This poem by stand up and 'The Helmettes' band leader Nick Helm is fucking ace. Brilliant dark humour with a great pay off at the end. Its one of my favourite 'blaps'. Have  look and check out the blap site.