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April & May 2017 Monday Gala and John Conway Tonight Show on ABC2!

Very proud of our John Conway and his Merry Band of comedic mavericks! The first episode screened last Sunday on ABC2 & Iview and really captured the show perfectly Watch here! Filmed here at Cafe Lounge!

Our month of features for the Monday show is bloody excellent!

Our month of features for the Monday show is bloody excellent!

Jan / Feb Feature Acts! GOLD!

Really solid month ahead! Get in early to reserve a table email or get in for happy hrs 5 to 7pm! Show at 8PM SHARP each MONDAY!

Jan / Feb 2017

Jan / Feb 2017

Monday 24th October! Get Amongst the Joy!

Our first Monday gala for our 7th year here! here's a fun video of the champ MCing, Cameron Duggan! More info below...

Monday Gala Showcase Features for the next month!

Email for table reservations (limited reservable seating) Check our Facebook for further event details & fun! 13624711_10154152302335428_1498986098_n (1)

Winter Goodness Mondays June July

Mondays! 13457562_10154100422700428_124002773_n (1)

RSVP's Available for a full month of Happy Hour Saturday Gala Shows

This Week / Month at the Comedy Lounge

This Saturday Happy Hr Comedy continues 5pm an excellent international guest from Canada headlines details here. RSVP for free. Monday's gala feature acts are announced and the truly excellent John Conway Tonight on Sunday will be a hoot as ever. Email to reserve tables or get in early for a top seat.conway tonight MondayposterMarch April 2016 HAPPY-HOUR-SATURDAYS-LAYERS-FINAL-SML