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In case you haven’t guessed we are really crap at keeping the website up to date! Anyways, we just turned 7 (I miscalculated on the poster!)! There’s a bunch of fun shows coming up in October and for the rest of the year! And Cafe Lounge has some interesting comedy stuff coming up besides our fun little showcase! Stay tuned for live podcast vibes and other fun shows!

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Shows of Joy & Happiness! August / Sept 2017!

Absolute Crusher alert! Monday August 14th Ivan Aristeguieta has really blown up having been spotted performing at the Comedy Lounge two years ago by The Montreal JFL festival's director. Since then he's sold out shows all around Australia and internationally. A very funny, super slick comic. The Brilliant Sam Campbell hosts (see video below)... 

April & May 2017 Monday Gala and John Conway Tonight Show on ABC2!

Very proud of our John Conway and his Merry Band of comedic mavericks! The first episode screened last Sunday on ABC2 & Iview and really captured the show perfectly Watch here! Filmed here at Cafe Lounge!

Our month of features for the Monday show is bloody excellent!

Our month of features for the Monday show is bloody excellent!

Monday 20th March Big News from the UK! Markus Birdman headlines!

Monday 20th March we are very lucky to have the excellent Markus Birdman headline the show. Get in early and reserve a table by emailing or arriving for happy hour and getting the best spots! Show at 8PM sharp! Happy hrs from 5 to 7pm.

Jan / Feb Feature Acts! GOLD!

Really solid month ahead! Get in early to reserve a table email or get in for happy hrs 5 to 7pm! Show at 8PM SHARP each MONDAY!

Jan / Feb 2017

Jan / Feb 2017

No break over Xmas 2016 and January 2017

Boxing Day Tickets button above! Just $10 to reserve your space! Come if you are in town! Shows all through January too, no break $10 payable on door for those! Email to reserve table space!


January 2017 Line ups

January 2017 Line ups


There are limited pre sale tickets available for our three Xmas shows, a pre sale ticket means you are assured of a seat as long as you arrive by 7pm on Mondays or 6.30pm for the Sunday show. Info  and below! Or click on the button xo

Christmas run in starts here!

Monday 5th December's headliner! plus pre sale tickets for 18th, 19th & 26th shows!

Watch The John Conway Tonight Show! W/ James Mathison & more

We streamed the excellent John Conway Tonight Show last night. It featured the excellent James Mathison (Channel V, Australian Idol, 2016 Australian election) and there were a lot of surprises besides. Have a watch, it's a lot of fun, and unlike anything being done in the world of comedy right now!