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Monday 24th October! Get Amongst the Joy!

Our first Monday gala for our 7th year here! here's a fun video of the champ MCing, Cameron Duggan! More info below...

Season 2 of The John Conway Tonight Show & Happy hr Saturdays...

John Conway Tonight Season 2, 31st January. Happy Hr Saturdays - Ray BDaran & John Cruckshank

We have had a crazy 6 weeks, Mondays have been off the chain fun. Due to demand we have decided to launch a new show on a Saturday - Happy hr Saturdays. An early evenings show (5 to 7pm) during Cafe Lounge's Happy hrs! 

We will have a full schedule of Saturday shows line up for March but in the mean time we have two favourites John Cruckshank & Ray Badran doing a joint comedy festival preview on February 6th, free to RSVP with info here.

In other new the maverick man John Conway starts his second season on the 31st January with an 8 show run. Info here.

Obviously Mondays will continue as before! Email bookings@cafelounge.com.au to reserve table and RSVP for the Saturday show via the link provided.