The Comedy Lounge Sydney Fringe Picks of Peeps you may not have heard of...

Completely overwhelmed by the recockulous amount of comedy shows on in this year's Fringe? Yeah me too. But hey here's our top five shows from acts you may not have heard of that are being put on by some Friends of that Comedy Lounge that we really, really recommend...

MeMeMe - Andrew Wolfe, Cameron James and Marty Bright. Two out of this three made it to this year's RAW national Final, expect a mixture of smart, absurd and on the money observational stuff from a few of the brightest additions to the Sydney scene this year.

Monkeys in Space - Damien Power is one of the smartest young comics in the country at the moment. He popped in just the other day and was really quite brilliant. Smart, relatable and charismatic on stage his stuff packs a strong political edge but he's doesn't beat you around the head with it. Fun stuff. Not to be missed.

45 minutes of ... Nick Capper is an absolute legend and is a firm favourite here at the Comedy Lounge. As ridiculous as he is hilarious, when he's on fire there is no one more original and not that many more who crack me up to the extent were I get wet on my face.

 One Man Show - Andrew Barnett and Dave Keeshan have been two of Sydney's hardest working open micers this past couple of years. Both regularly smash it home here at the Comedy Lounge. Dave's Irish, Andrew's a stay at home dad. That makes for some great material!

Princess Nikki of Britton is abdicating adulthood - Nikki's did a great job MCing for us a while back, she'll be back featuring soon. It's impossible not to enjoy her act, she's energetic on stage, her stuff is well funny to the max and this show about the indisputable fear attached to hitting the big 3-0 and avoiding the pressure of being a grown up will be good bet for a laugh!